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Junaid Maqsood

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Senior Web Developer


Junaid Maqsood

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Maryland Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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What can you expect from me.

Project Manger

Got an idea but not the time to pursue it? Get in touch for a confidential talk on your project.

Web Development

I make scalable and clean products. So you can start small if you have to and be able to grow.

Website Maintainace

I'm Working with multiple clients to manage their back-end. Lets add you to the list and get you going.

Application Development

Need an application for your business? Everybody does, its 21st century. Get started Now!

My Education


Master Degree

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

An exceptional institution, Got to meet people from all over the world. Great research environment. My interest : Bio Based systems,Evolutionary Artificial Life, Chatbots, Neural Networks, Computer Vision


Bachelor's Degree

The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan

I actively worked as the team head in this project. Created the ML based algorithm that processed the input token into a series of actions and acted upon it logically based on previous knowledge of the agent. This system enabled user to control almost all daily based actions of the computer and to make logical decisions based on the input text.


Intermediate Education

Government College University Lahore (GCU), Lahore, Pakistan

A University that has a history of creating intelectual minds. An honour to be a RAVIAN.

My Skills

More Skills

IOS Game Dev

UI/UX Designer

.Net App Developer

My Projects

Client-Server App

An interactive desktop application for a client. He required a complete desktop solution to portray his website and the ability to manage games servers. The application also contained a complete custom manufactured messenger with both text and voice chat. Also was embed with various anti-cheat technologies and TeamSpeak.


Real Life Jarvis

Server App

An artificially intelligent chat bot. Created to gather big data. The concept was to make a living bot on twitter that has the ability to analyze the live stream of twitter and monitor a few hashtags in order to get questions and then use its AI brain to parse and answer those questions. This was to engage strangers in a conversation with the computer.


Voice Activated Virtual Assistant

Desktop App

Created a completely atomized system capable of taking voice input and computing various tasks based on it. It also contained a Real-World Task based event handler which created notifications based on real world changes.









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